Per una corretta visione del CD-Rom / To see the CD-Rom at optimum conditions

Tutte le partiture sono conservate nell'archivio ZIMMERFREI / All scores are stored in the ZIMMERFREI archive
Tutte le registrazioni sono conservate nell'archivio MARCO DAL PANE / All records are stored in the MARCO DAL PANE archive


What is the sound of one hand clapping? (concert for any musical instrument) 1978

Nobody of a without (concert for one or more wind instruments for one or more performers) 1978

Waiting The Awake (for soprano) 2006

Peri Physeos (for 6 voices) 2011

Visibility of the Invisible (for piano) 2012

The Big Outside (for orchestra) 2015
(with Silvia Comoglio notes ->

The Small Outside (for piano) 2015
(with Silvia Comoglio notes ->

11:11 (per coro con pubblico / für Chor mit Pubblikum) 2018

MOOOOOOOOSIC (1975/2019)